Thursday, October 27, 2011

MODELS: Dat Body

Featured Model "Dat Body" takes time out of her busy day to sit down with SouthernPlug
for this brief interview.

SP: Hello
DB: Hey
SP: First things first, what are your measurements?
DB:  I'm 34-26-44.

SP: Are you single?
DB: Single. Its getting old though.

SP: What kind of dudes do you look for or interested in?
DB: I like honest, intelligent, assertive men. Someone who wants to be good to me so I can be good to them.

SP: How far are you trying to go with the modeling?
DB: There's no limit on anything I do. So I can take this thing to the moon! Lol. Who knows.

SP: What excites you & what are you passionate about?
DB: I'm passionate about Jesus, my daughter, life, books (I love to read) & fashion.

SP: Ok you love to read, well what books are you in to?
DB: The classics. Autobiographies. Sci-fi. Anything pertaining to Black American history. Books about the antiquities. Old & new authors. My taste varies I graduated from Florida A & M with a bachelor in english, studied grammar & literature.

SP: Are you a lover or a fighter?
DB: Both. Depends on the mood I'm in.

SP: Both so I take it you start drama, then want make-up sex?
DB: No. Never start it. But I will finish it. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a bully & I don't bite. I'm very much a laid back go with the flow type of woman. Until you cross me. Then, I'm a mufuckin monster! Lol. & make-up sex is always wonderful. Hell sex period.

SP: Lmao sex is always good! What is your favorite position?
DB: Missionary & doggy of course.

SP: Missionary is it cause you like to kiss while in action?
DB: Yup!! U got it.

SP: And last if you had to charm a dude of your choice how would you charm him & make his night memorable?
DB: Charm...hmm...I usually charm them with my intellect. & a hot plate of home cooked food. All served up while I'm in a g-string & heels. He'll never forget it. Still hasn't. ;)

SP: How can people reach you?
DB: By Twitter @IamDatBody


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