In case you weren’t aware, HBO aired a Katt Williams special titled Priceless: Afterlife tonight, directed by Spike Lee.
The show lasted about an hour and featured Katt’s always funny dialogue, where he took shots at everyone you can possibly imagine. Cops, gay people, white people, females, etc. He even had jokes about himself. Especially because the past few years he’s been in a few run-in’s with the law, so he had plenty to say about that. As a matter of fact, that’s how he opened up the show.

We caught the special and decided to share some of the funniest moments to us, but if you have any of your own, make sure you let us know in the comments. For everyone else who hasn’t watched yet, go do that at some point this weekend.


His Entrance

Somehow, from the cage with the lion, Katt Williams appeared from out of the smoke, cooler than a polar bear’s toenail and dressed like one too. He hopped off the stage and gave daps to the crowd looking bossy in the fur, before taking it off and dropping that shit on the ground. Not one fuck was given.


Being With Young Women vs. Old Women

For the more experienced cats out there, Katt broke down the difference between being with a young girl (he referred to them as “greedy rabbits”) and the older women (who he called, “needy fish”). Of course the young girls have the stamina and don’t care about breaking your penis off, they just want to get a nut off and will tell you the most pleasurable things for comfort. The older women, well, you never know about them.
The face he made when talking about orgasm vs. dying reaction was classic.


Getting High Off Wax

It’s not an official standup special without Katt Williams talking about weed. We all know how famous he made the phrase, “THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE!” This time, in between talking about Los Angeles dispensaries and how many types of strains they carry on hand, he gave his best example of what it’s like to smoke wax.
Let’s just say it’s as crazy as he said it was. One hit is definitely like smoking 300 blunts at one time. Two will send you to outer space with The Jetsons.
“It got my HIGH high.”


Jerry Curl Joke On Himself

About halfway throughout the show, Katt gave an example of what would happen if a gay black player would tackle a quarterback on an NFL football field, and accidents happened. Next thing you know, he was backstage putting his testicles back in his pants and by the time he came out, he noticed his head was dripping wet on the jumbotron and even made a joke about his curl saying he looked like Rick Fox.
He was DRENCHED, though. Looked like he walked through sprinklers or had a midst fan on his microphone to be drip drip dripping like faucets out of his skull.


The White Woman Swimmer

Same difference. We’re all the same. Because we’re all different.
This was one of the themes of the special. It was talked about particularly when he mentioned how different white people are and brought up the example of “an English woman who swam the English channel and got stung by jellyfish.” The problem is, he was talking about Diana Nyad, who swam from Florida to Cuba and not the English channel. Either way, how he explained it was hilarious.

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